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wevstpa萝卜种子Jiang xu is not only a famous scholar, after a test, really have real talent, the most important thing is, will be two-handed martial arts, not fierce, but also can defend themselves, was lui bu recruit, temporarily as his subordinate book, etc. After having the qualifications, then sent to the local governance of people's livelihood."If the withdrawal at this time, don't let FengXian despise me, don't retreat, wait for me to break lombardi first, in a fight with FengXian this hebei province!" Cao cao valiantly laughed, but at the moment is no decline in the eyes, instead of a fighting spirit, lyu3 bu4 cholera grassland, but let cao cao heart born infinite fighting spirit.Xu togeher turned his head to look, but see cao cao ran this way, and then look behind him, just now the rude shithead carrying a pair of shoes, reversed the chase behind cao cao, xu togeher this just noticed that cao cao unexpectedly is barefoot.

When Chen Xing arrived at Meng Jin, but see Meng Jincheng wall, only a few foot soldiers, see Chen Xing and others came, a catalogue of panic."Good advice, that..." Lyu3 bu4 pulled a woman into his arms: "I will wait for your good news.""Master, master unexpectedly lost!?" In the rear, Can't go to the front to feel the pressure from jun, Just by the number of troops on both sides, lombardi had hundreds of thousands of troops south, cao cao but tens of thousands, no matter what, before this, no one thought lombardi will lose, don't say zhang he, is cao cao account under a lot of civil and military in the last period of time, secretly with lombardi offer a book.wevstpaMurong GUI and TaBaJi powder smell speech, glance at each other, glance at a touch of dignified.

wevstpaKirby can..."Congratulations on your host's reputation exceeding 100W, inspiring the emperor's talent--Wencheng Wushu Virtue. After the loyalty level reaches the intermediate level, the Wenchen Wushu generals who are loyal to the host will automatically be promoted to a higher level of loyalty."Withdraw!

Cao Cao-wen said, glancing inadvertently across the country, but seeing that the country was slightly imperceptible, nodded his head and said, "What Gongda said is very good.""We'll talk about it later." With a wave of his hand: "I don't have time to circle with you, the western xianbei invasion is imminent, if the king's court broke, you loyal to who is useless, with your military forces, with me to the king's court, I can guarantee, the head of the kui he can't kill you, other things, wait until we break the western xianbei."wevstpa




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