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陈奕迅被疑抄袭|完美优惠顾客销售系统"Lord, eight hundred li jingzhou urgent, something has happened!" Cao cao had just returned to his mansion when a dusty messenger came to see him.< / p > < p > one night without words, the next morning, zhang lu called hanzhong wenwu conference in the hall, the horses have been assembled, only to wait for zhang lu to give an order, can send yangpingguan, but before zhang lu ordered, a south zheng garrison quickly rushed in.They did not even know how many soldiers and horses could be mobilized around chang 'an under lv bu's command. Although there were five units, where were they stationed at ordinary times and how many troops were in each unit? How many troops did zhang liao and gao shun have? It seems that in the end, apart from knowing something about the city guard, no other effective information was obtained, let alone knowing the daily strength of chang 'an city. Along the way, wu pass, shangluo, lantian, even if we can break these barriers, when the time to kill chang 'an, how many troops left, and so longThe hussars rode to the council.

"Commander, zhang yun opened the south gate and led liu bei's army into the city!" "The pro bowed.'your majesty! Fell the ground says: "there's a phrase that lyu3 bu4 hateful, but said well, time shift easily, now that I am han jiangshan is tottering, if continue to the past, only to see a good jiangshan decline step by step, finally fell into the hands of rebels and traitors, high-impedance set face, also for me the han dynasty can better continue, now was broken, the north has lu bu qing jackal, ignored the law of the court, the south has zhuge's regime, is my big han dynasty sting, if can't stop lyu3 bu4 continue to grow, the han dynasty four hundred years of inheritance, think twice at your majesty!"But let Chen qun disappointed is, nightingale refused, she does not need pity and charity, Chen qun is not angry, but to such a strange woman more admiration.陈奕迅被疑抄袭|Liu Beiwen smiles the laugh, laugh some bitter, lyu3 bu4 with homo habilis, and it is more than one, from the earliest palace, Chen giffin later, liu bei to lu bu in fact has been pretty snaked through, even now have a zhuge kongming, and cui state, Shi Guangyuan can these collectors, but falling in to lu bu also have over there to teach, growing in guanzhong plain, and he liu bei, wandering the lifetime, to today, is really have a foundation, side wings plump rise gradually.

陈奕迅被疑抄袭|Ju su bowed slightly and said, "now jingxiang has become the focus of the world. Although there is a civil disorder, if we rush to send troops, it will surely cause the princes to discuss with each other. That is, our army will move to luoyang to control cao cao."Lord, your excellency Chen qun and zhong you are calling for a meeting." A family ding came in, to cao cao and xun yu gongshou way."The champion... Under the Lord's account, how many fierce generals!" Looking at, yu ban can not help but sigh a, in former days follow lu bu zhang liao gao shun not to say, now is this jizhou battlefield alone, ma chao, zhaoyun, ganning and which one is good with?

"Three han? Chen qun thought for a while and said, "koguryo was divided into three han, and then baekje, but the people there used to call themselves the people of three han.""Old husband ashamed." Zheng xuan shook his head and looked at lv bu, saying, "the old man has two clean hands in his whole life."Always try." Xia houyuan nodded, and on the table, someone had drawn the current pattern of ye city in front of xia houyuan.陈奕迅被疑抄袭|




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