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林允儿整容|刮痕去除剂...Chapter XIV AcceptanceLyu3 bu4 will hand, waves stand still, a soldier looked at lyu3 bu4's eyes, with a frenzy.

Marten stared at Matthew, then thought about it, nodded and said, "That's all right, Ma Tie.""Master rest assured, at the end of the general division complete the whole back." Xiongkuo sea loudly led the way.Baling, wei camp.林允儿整容|"I took QinWei back to HuaiLi, you with others to stay to assist general zhou cang."

林允儿整容|Just then, a small school newspaper rushed in with the number.A battle about human nature did not last long, Santa's roar after killing more than 20 huns fighters suddenly stopped, the rest of the huns silently looked in the direction of lyu3 bu4."Master now worry about, nothing but military forces, master account soldiers although fierce, but soldiers will be small, especially cavalry master now account cavalry less than two thousand, and to bully liangzhou, master must have a cavalry can help master vertical and horizontal world."

Locust, satrap mansion.Chapter V Oath to Break an ArrowAlthough he was a scribe, But the swords of the scribes of this time were not for decoration, Gentleman six arts, but clearly have riding and shooting skills, although there is no way to compare with those who charge forward, but unexpectedly, kill a lieutenant who is not prepared for the same ability is no problem, zhang both in harmony and cool, experience war, nature is not what weak scholar comparable.林允儿整容|





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