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葫芦娃之虎口拔牙|刁矮子膏药"Eliminate Liu Bei's vital force and further reduce his living space." Pang Tong smiled and said, "Whoever wins and whoever loses, the real winner is us!""Here!"Yin ling city is not YiqueGuan, lu su although fierce, but guarding city soldiers obviously can't compare with the elite of the guanzhong, also don't lyu3 bu4 in the western regions of those believers general fanatics dauntless courage to die, in guan yu's view, to break Yin ling, really not difficult.

Guanzhong strong bow crossbow power, this time, he is a deep experience, before facing zhuge liang jingzhou army, yan yan and confident to play a dozen, even if the other side of the soldiers, but rely on the terrain, yan yan also not afraid, both sides are in the same horizontal line, jingzhou army is fierce, also fierce limited.Zhang Fei is like a sharp blade, With his own personal guard constantly in the other side of the army ripped open a gap, Zhang Ren was in command, constantly commanding the soldiers quickly to make up for Zhang Fei's tear, Shouting ShaSheng accompanied by the splash of blood, Over time, the more intense, Zhang Fei clashed several times, With courage, to and fro in the midst of the enemy, But zhang ren shu army although not as elite as wei yan military forces, but the military forces he commanded for a long time, mobilized such as arms, although momentum was suppressed by zhang fei, but exceptionally tough, zhang fei several times want to break through the encirclement to cut will seize the flag have failed to succeed, but almost let himself in the encirclement, then dare not rashly break into the array.Although the speed of the engineering battalion was fast, the trenches of nearly two hundred paces were dug for two hours.葫芦娃之虎口拔牙|Two people are depressed, mou sufficient strength to play together again, this time, wei is more and more brave, zhang fei is playing dull, unless can a spear into each other's face, otherwise it is difficult to work, and wei's martial arts is not bad, want to stab in succession is impossible.

葫芦娃之虎口拔牙|Tardif rushed to qua, is met with guan yu army attack, in the crowd, but see guan yu helmet penetration armor, armed with a long knife, commanding the army siege, small qua county, under the attack of guan yu, like a boat in the storm, at any time may break the city."Fool, less master from the beginning has insight into your conspiracy, after today's change of guard, has begun to decorate, your military forces, but a head into less master laid a trap!" Formula disdain way."Here!" The eagle bent slightly and retired in silence.

"Yuan, even if elite not out, our forces are still on top of zhang fei, why don't you take advantage of its main force before, first eat the troops? Just general zhang to shu soldiers head-on with the enemy, I rate elite men from the flank attack, will be able to break zhang fei." Wei Yan in the gates watching Zhang Fei drink scold, dirty words greeted Pang Tong over and over again, Wei Yan ancestral eighteen generations of female members, Wei Yan looks a little ugly way.Tardif immediately rose red, into is not, also is not back, look into the tent, guan yu sat outside the tent, armor in all four flat, a pair of red phoenix eyes narrowed slightly, look into tardif's eyes, the disdain is no taboo, see tardif, angry dantian, long track: "tardif son righteousness, how to YuanMen already opened, you?""Not difficult!" Pang Tong laughed and said, "Recall the troops and return to the camp. Withdraw the military forces from the territory of Dianjiang, return to Deyang, let him out, and wait for Kongming to attack."葫芦娃之虎口拔牙|




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