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阿飞80|名将三国推广号"You see, Quoa is a port, more benefit water war, although Guan Yu did defense in the port, but obviously not water war, defense is full of mistakes and omissions, He Qi, Zhou Tai!""Your majesty, lyu3 bu4 once king, the son of heaven prestige, han majesty will no longer exist!" Kong Rong knelt on his knees and said in an astringent voice, "Your Majesty, please order your troops to crusade against Lu Bu and restore the majesty of the Han Dynasty.""Now the matter of chengdu has been, but this zhuge kongming really difficult to deal with, yuan didn't find, recently this zhuge kongming war more and more sophisticated?" Method is looking to pang tong road.

"General, guan yu to withdraw!" Outside the city, he qi has begun to command soldiers into the city, tracing the cause, a few jiangdong generals looked at tracing the cause of excitement."..." Silent looked at Pang Tongyi eyes, wei yan silent to point soldiers, fifty guanzhong elite, but also with the rope, it seems, is really ready to catch people."General, the enemy has fired rockets! I wonder if there is any fraud!" Xing Daorong came to guan yu, see jiangdong camp, a rocket soared, not without worry.阿飞80|"I'm afraid I'll have to wait a few more days. After I break Deyang, I'll naturally have plenty of time to chat with Shih Yuan-chang!" Zhuge liang said with a smile.

阿飞80|"Then shoot me in the woods, until the arrow shines!" Was YanYan provoked several times, wei yan heart also some anger, but it happened that there was no way, the other side of the word is not to run to the mountains of rogue play really put him in a difficult position."It depends on master how to choose." Giffin opened his eyes, looked at lyu3 bu4, smiled.

"Not necessarily." Guan yu looked at the cable of the handsome flag, cold hum 1, lyu3 bu4 YuanMen ji distance than this far, and zhaoyun archery is also not under tardif.Helplessly shook his head, turned his head to arrange his elite preparation, although zhang ren to deal with zhang fei, tomorrow, but he brought the guanzhong elite will not be idle, to attack from the flanks, to avoid the other side of the rattan shield.Squinting in his chair, looking east, Guan Yu's eyes flashed a touch of the cold murderous opportunity, for Guan Ping 's death, The most uncomfortable nature is guan yu, although has killed lv meng, but in guan yu's view, this is far from enough, sun quan repeatedly provoked, liu bei can endure, but he guan yu can't, especially this time, unexpectedly cut his son, in guan yu's view, this is an immortal situation, only killed sun quan, can be buried for his beloved son.阿飞80|




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