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狐狸逸事欧泉琳美白祛斑系列"You and Zhao Kuo, are all talented people, but do not accumulate small steps to thousands of miles, you step too far, and in the character of Zhuge Kongming, under his command, want to stand alone, only when the real crisis has a chance, and without the accumulation before, rashly assume the big responsibility, just like you."But Langzhong military forces and Chengdu military forces are down, the six thousand guanzhong military forces in fact did not fight a battle into the shu, now in their hands, in addition to the six thousand military forces, there are one hundred and thirty thousand stationed in Langzhong military forces." The ministry will bow."Tracing the cause?" Guan Yu smell speech can not help laughing: "It seems that there is no one in Jiangdong, unexpectedly sent this yellow mouth children led the troops, don't worry, just stick to the city, after my accomplishment, then to break the Jiangdong military forces, straight to the construction industry!"

"Here!" A group of people slightly bent down, after a gift to lyu3 bu4, under the leadership of the next person to eat in the back hall.Zhuge liang smell speech, silently nodded, if the rattan armor is really so fierce, to it as a surprise, but can harvest wonders."Do you really mean it?" Li Hunwen speech eyes a bright, Accept lyu3 bu4 most difficult to let these families accept, Not lyu3 bu4 can't bring them benefits, but lyu3 bu4 took away their position, simply put, before the family annexed land, that rely on these lands to survive the people, naturally revered the family, but lyu3 bu4 now took away, although there is compensation, and profit is very rich, but some things, is money can't buy.狐狸逸事"They're inviting us to fight." Sitting in his chair, Zhuge Liang shook his feather fan and smiled. "This is an invitation to give up our geographical advantage and fight against the enemy."

狐狸逸事"Unknown rat, dare to harm me!" See this person's appearance, guan yu is angry not to play a place, he is a magnificent general, famous under the sky, if tardif, zhou tai also even, such a rodent, also dare to shake him tiger, really deceive too much."Son of a bitch!" Guan yu only feel a mouthful of sulking up his chest, at the moment his state, not tardif such a top general, is Ma Zhong that he may not be able to play, in the hands of the usual light if nothing blue dragon crescent moon knife, at the moment as if heavy as a thousand jins, where can we fight again.

"Oh? Blocked? Cao cao didn't do it?" Luoyang, a title of generals in ancient times riding hall, is with giffin lyu3 bu4 surprised at the information sent up by the night hawk, pass the information to giffin, turned to look at the night hawk: "closely monitor the movements of both sides.""Rear team back, prepare for battle!" Wei yan obviously feel that zhang fei ill-intentioned eyes staring at his side, can't relax the surveillance of the other military forces, but the enemy in the rear has also jumped out of the woods at the moment."Here!" Xing Daorong see Guan Yu face rare show fatigue, As soon as my heart tightened, Hurriedly hand promised, See guan yu no other command, leave, began to command the men to repair the city, at the same time sent someone to inform liu bei zhang crazy, qu a broken, not only jiujiang, yu zhang all under, more importantly, opened the door of danyang, trapped sun quan in the records, wu county and danyang, as long as qu a hand, even if consumption can be sun quan to death.狐狸逸事




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