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胜利者岗哨昆明空白t恤"What are you and us? Now that I have gone down, I will be a family." Frown, han general waved: "go."Many shanzhai did not need lu bu to send troops to attack, they have been unable to maintain themselves, since lu bu entered chang 'an, the whole chang 'an, at least ten more villages were either destroyed by the officers, or they can not go on, dissolved.Just lv bu is too strong, and close to strict to old and noble look after, let these old and noble families face lv bu when, be pressed almost straight not waist comes.

"To coerce the son of heaven to order princes? I didn't think these fools would do that." Lyu3 bu4 nod, he also thought of this possibility.Think not clear the lv bu of reason simply no longer want, the vision restored focal length, looking at point general stage, still be in the soldier of training, lv bu give birth to an indescribably carefree meaning in the chest, step forward two step, loudly way: "xiong kuo hai, point soldier!"Of course, this sima position is self-appointed, the women in the city of chang 'an to dominate, but including Chen gong and others, no one will really take it seriously.胜利者岗哨"Gong tai once said that pang shiyuan had a talent that could not be further from the truth. Today, when I see him, I dare not say that his talent and learning are worthy of his talent and learning. If gong tai is right, his arrogance is worthy of his talent and learning." Lv bu leans on the back of the chair, give a person the feeling of a kind of lie tiger however, every move, have kind of power of breathtaking spirit to press.

胜利者岗哨Although heart ready, when they hear after marotta said out exactly, the heart is a complicated, burn when people join the lu bu's army, will also is to let them give up their rights, although many han Chinese general officials see qiang people live, but the west is cool place has always been a good soldier, xiong west cool governors, former days McKown, Zhang Huan, dong zhuo, later han sui, marten, which those without the support of qiang people, these qiang hao shuai but holds the resources of the whole qiang, governors want to requisition, nature will make a good, now the whole family to join, Is equal to let these handsome give up the right in the hand, how can willingly."What a life and death! A clear and crisp cheers, a dozen of the arrow will be close to the hu people accurate shooting, a female will be under the legs to start a prairie fire, in the hand is also a silver gun, like the wind rushed to the man's side, silver gun in the hand even flash, will be close to the xianbei knight all pick kill."Where's the vice President?" Lv bu swept some uneasy city guard, indifferent way.

Hey law law ~Things is not complicated, the process of the whitewater qiang, burning out qiang, qiang, after have been naturalized in order to avoid the conflict because of the traditional customs, lyu3 bu4 to qiang people city, general office help layout planning, governance, governance by qiang people, at the same time in order to promote communication between qiang han, lyu3 bu4 again in each county special cent gives a county, run jointly by the qiang people and han Chinese, as the market, make with the qiang people can exchange and traders."The west! ?" Liang xing was surprised and looked at han sui. He couldn't believe it, saying, "but Lord, thirty thousand troops, where can the grain come from?"胜利者岗哨




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