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阳江拉手网西安通用航空产业园"Yes." Think about the long distance with lv bu, jia xu can only bear down with a wry smile."General lee, sit down." Zhang liao waved and smiled a little."What do you want? Hiring a thorn flushed by Addis sentence, but unable to refute, blasted asked, these women's horse is really good, if just want to go, hire people more, also can only be eaten ashes behind somebody else's ass, now calm down, what also don't know if I was the woman to tease, and anger in the heart, is shocked, it jumped out from where so much of a woman?

In order to avoid the collision with lv bu's army, han sui specially circled a big circle, not only avoiding the pursuers of ma chao, but also bypassing xu rong's soldiers and horses.Front lu bu obviously also saw the flag here, the speed gradually slowed down, a moment, ma chao three people have appeared in front of lu bu, to lu bu."Lv bu's daughter! ?" Immediately nu way: "she go where, how do I know?"阳江拉手网< / p > < p > red rabbit horse with lv bu for many years, had been old, but with the emergence of the system mall, almost every day is with channeling licorice to feed, now, almost a year of time, not only no signs of weakness, but the body is stronger.

阳江拉手网"Rightness, this call preempt a person." Lu lingqi clap clap hands way: "so do, sweet son, show out our flag, send another notice juyan king to meet."Samba gave a sharp shake of his head and said, "please don't worry, your excellency, there is already a little one in training. If you don't believe it, the little one can bring it to you immediately."The beginning of the battle of guandu was half a year earlier than the battle of guandu in lv bu's memory.

In fact, the market in chang 'an is not really prosperous at present, due to the lack of consumption ability of the people and families, most of the trade here is fur, mountain goods and so on. Occasionally, some barbarians from the western regions sell some strange things, but it is only rare in this era.Chapter 66 the blood of chang 'an (center)At the same time, a tribe of huns outside, just out of the tribe of the huns soon suddenly by three different dress, obviously not from the same group of people, one of them skillfully tied his hands and feet, a set of people took out a bag, sneaking a look at the direction of the tribes, dragging continues to roll bag and ran.阳江拉手网




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