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5c5c5c改成啥网站了|大家乐彩票机"Hey, let more than a thousand people beat my camp like this, nearly five thousand casualties, I will make fun of such a humiliating thing!" Burn when the old wang angrily stood up, dissatisfied with the look to the han sui.Lyu3 bu4!

Look at the direction of cao peng left, zhang both ugly, but this is not the most important, his side of the people look more ugly, zhang can clearly feel around the xinfeng soldiers emitted anger."I can 't wait." Wei Yanchang body, laughed aloud: "zhong yao side if you know the news of the army's defeat, I'm afraid it will soon withdraw, if such as seibel general, afraid has delayed fighters, at this time, is the time to break the enemy.""Yes, I shall have seen madame at that end of the day." Han De don't know sorted is who, but the two words of Confucianism in this era of gold is not small, make Han De awe.5c5c5c改成啥网站了|"Little general, withdraw your troops first!" Pound immediately before, looked at the direction of the city, wry smile, somebody else is clearly not ready to fight out, make d a brave also useless.

5c5c5c改成啥网站了|On the other hand, zhong yao has landed, but the horse is trapped in the river can't come out.Just then, a small school newspaper rushed in with the number.Cao Cao put his hand on the table, unfolded the waiter's first bamboo paper, carefully looked down, for a long time, only a sigh: "At the beginning is really not even the slightest opportunity to give me ah, hundreds of troops, but also the vanguard!"

"General, please follow me." Hua tuo also don't say much, with d came to his mansion, but see the hall, already there are two people waiting there."Poof ~"Must be a candidate!5c5c5c改成啥网站了|




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