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男子偷钱砍奶奶|地质勘探钻机价格Little Joe pouting behind big Joe said, "I think ling-qi is very good, to give our daughter family prestige."< / p > < p > later was found by lu, and hua tuo invited zheng xuan to continue life, to improve some, but at that time zheng xuan will obviously be lu bu and yuan shao as the same birds of a feather, has been ready to die generously.

'madman! Tongley grim-faced, command who constantly put arrows, but CAI brought too many people, dozens of crossbowman could not suppress, soon, they were broke through the defense line, looked at around so kuai family dependents CAI who, tongley eyes flashed a wipe unutterable anger, harsh voice way: "CAI, kuai family dead today, we assure you, the more my brother kuai, tsai and will destroy you with her, to avenge my kuai home.""Duke, Mr. Gong tai would like to see you." Is dining room, core son came in respectfully said a.男子偷钱砍奶奶|"CAI MAO was clearly prepared." Zhuge liang sat on the carriage, looking at the city gate gradually chaotic scene, smiling and shaking his head, let zhang yun's horses were CAI MAO's horses a little engulfed.

男子偷钱砍奶奶|The archers began to hurl their arrows at the enemy's shields, and rows of soldiers came forward to shield the archers from the arrows of the cao archers.Is not high morale as the rear archers escape began to collapse, the front of the soldiers were killed in conjunction with the changan the tacit understanding, the two military forces hit together less than a quarter of an hour to separate the outcome, there is no doubt that occupy a number of advantages in hanzhong city army lost very thoroughly, in the face of both equipment and combat effectiveness beyond their several grades of chang an army, when near to their cost, was startled to find, even if not the terrorist bolt, army, it is still a army, is by no means they can withstand the last get broken, then, is breaking away from their mess.Zhang yun zhang opened his mouth, complexion a change, face become pale, incredible looking kuai yue way: "he... You...... "

"General, xia hou yuan fled!" Jun's camps have been painted in ruins, in the case of distance is enough, is far more than ordinary bow range of crossbow is almost invincible on the battlefield, unfortunately, xh in found camps were broken, too, very decisively into the woods, get rid of the pursuer, but xh's army of forty thousand, is more than half of injuries.The damned idea was soon proved."If so, the Lord will have to send some lobbyists to persuade jiang dongsun's family and liu bei. "Xun yu bowed.男子偷钱砍奶奶|




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