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蒋介石的铁血卫队|防尘网价格A cavalry, like a split wave from the rebels, the first member of the general, a zhang long, wearing a purple gold crown with three-pronged bundles, shoulders wearing a robe of flowers, wearing beast face swallowed gold armor, holding a pole zhang two long party day painting ji, sit down a majestic unusual red rabbit hissing beast, in the crowd, is very striking.Looking at cao peng's back, zhong yao helplessly shook his head, a body of force is good, but it's a pity that is a brave man, rushing forward, but to command an army, and less honed."Go back and settle accounts with you!" Korea hence gave Li Kan a hard look, stood up and was about to discuss with burn when the old king of soldiers, outside the account then sounded a thunderous roar and shrill scream, account all at the same time discolored.

"Korea hence must play, can't because of fear that the future may lead to the south xiongnu kou side, is afraid of hands and feet, and now even if we are willing to cease fire, Korea hence can't stop with us, once the truce, his hundreds of people will soon scatter, a county, military forces more than the people, how to keep?" Lyu3 bu4 will Yang Xi light hug into the bosom, eyes flashed a cold kill: "If the south huns really dare to claw, that not only to break his claws, but also let him eat, even with interest to spit out for me!"The identity of a royal family, absolutely can enhance lyu3 bu4 in the heart of the family, can also to a certain extent for lyu3 bu4 before the reputation of a lot of whitening, just..."Thank you, your excellency." Li Bao after bowing to thank you, in the custody of two jun, out of the handsome account.蒋介石的铁血卫队|"If start from the township school, master can have so many scholars can send?" Marotta asked.

蒋介石的铁血卫队|"What's the matter? What's the sense of panic?" See Li Kan, Korea hence some gas don't play a place, no good gas cold hum a way.Lombardi although some gentle, but not stupid, see two people rubbing their hands, which also don't know two people's mind, this really sent two people, even lyu3 bu4 don't want to fight can play, the moment hurriedly looked at xu togeher, motioned him to come to the rescue."Hum!" Liang Xingleng snorted, looking in the direction of d loudly way: "marching to war, how can such as that no man? D, if you want to revenge for your family, then to attack the camp, liang waiting here, if not this ability, or get back as soon as possible."

A defender threw his weapon directly to the ground."This man will not die, and my heart will not rest!" Look at d, and around a face of fear of qiang people, Korea hence eyes overflow, a wave of hands, a row of archers have appeared behind him."Set fire!" ChengTou, a cold voice did not reach the gate, but the next moment, with hundreds of torches thrown from ChengTou, followed by the flames of the sky with countless screams, the fiery battlefield instantly turned into a piece of purgatory, followed by ChengTou, there are countless figures, a ladder in the screaming of the west cool army was pushed down the wall.蒋介石的铁血卫队|




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