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征服冷情夫君英国卫裤正品"Here." Freeze smell speech nodded."Clatter ~" "clatter ~""The general is careful." Zhong yao nodded heavily, this time, also regardless of what courtesy, hurriedly took the military forces, toward the direction of xinfeng kill.

"Oh?" Guan Yu looked at the coppage and nodded. "But it doesn't hurt to say," he said."Buzz ~""Drive ~"征服冷情夫君"Die!" D suddenly sent out a violent drink, the wolf teeth gun in the hands across a strange arc in the air, smashed larocca's defense, cold gun front severely tear larocca's skin, shattered throat bone, larocca's neck through the whole hole, followed by a strangle, cruel larocca's head was born to pull down.

征服冷情夫君"Don't worry, tonight, the general will let you on the bliss!" Corners of the mouth spread a touch of evil spirits arc, fingers into the desecration clothes to find the soft full of elastic snow greasy, not light heavy kneading up....Eyes fell on the name has been stepped on, but his hands are still clasped in the legs of the soldiers swept, lyu3 bu4 eyes flashed a touch of cold, a ji backhand, chop off the horse's head.

"Thank you master love." Giffin said with a smile."Brother, don't forget your gentleman's instructions. Break the camp first, and then kill the enemy!" Ma dai face a change, hurriedly reached for d's arm, sink a track.Han sui thought about it, nodded and said, "you have to pay attention to the handsome, if you can help me calm lyu3 bu4 as soon as possible, han sui is grateful."征服冷情夫君




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