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红河谷王国|68号抗磨液压油价格In a series of intense muffled sound, the baffle of several cars rushing into the city could not withstand the second bombardment. Although they drove directly, the rear lux was exposed.In the violent shaking, rushed the car finally rushed to the fortification near the front, strong fortification in the impact of the car was soon destroyed, a large number of cao army rushed into the fortification.Now it's a question of balance, cao cao in three fairs, lyu3 bu4 general for a title of generals in ancient times, liu bei, sun quan, milan status is also similar, as long as the balance not broken, is no problem, but as soon as any one king, other governors I'm afraid I have no scruples, before long, will be for a variety of reasons in self-reliance, and then's sense of honor is not, and nations, it is that frequents!

"Kill!" However, the next moment, five soldiers came up to zang ba directly. One of them cut off zang ba's left hand with a knife, while the other two soldiers pierced zang ba's body with their swords. The remaining two soldiers stepped forward to fend off the cao troops around them.< / p > < p > smoke has been rising, but zhao DE was not sure, just looking at the opposite dense army, only with less than five thousand garrison in ye city, whether to support reinforcements to help, zhao DE was not sure, according to the sword around the waist, but because of hard and pale finger knot.'what? Zhang liao, ma tie and others surprised to look luneng.红河谷王国|However, to the surprise of both cao cao and xun yu, Chen qun's death was just the beginning of the three days of important advisors and military officers under cao cao.

红河谷王国|Swallow swallow saliva, zhang yun looked at kuai yue, for a time do not know how to say."Hey hey, childe, Lord male but said, on the court, only see result and defeat, regardless of respect inferior of, this first ball, I want." Strong young age, but the voice is very rough.

"The specific circumstances I don't know, just your frost before the emperor died, designated heir was expensive creams domestic nobles question origin is not pure, there was a coup, the late emperor designated heir was kicked out of the royal family, with a group of people at a place called bactria re-established a new court nobles are controlled by the government and to be your frost countries confrontation." "Said the nighthawk, bowing."This...... "Gape at huang zhong, a black face suddenly became purple, not long ago also confident, now all of a sudden by an old man to win, this face no place to put.Especially five years ago, zhaoyun led five thousand cavalry to break liaodong. In less than half a year, with five thousand cavalry, he broke gongsundu's base camp and forced gongsundu to commit suicide, which made lv bu calm youzhou completely. At that time, the central plains was shocked and zhaoyun was at its peak.红河谷王国|




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