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石破天惊电视剧|富国家具"Han Sui!!?" D eyes flashed a ray of red light, behind Ma Dai, Ma Tie is also ferocious, d awe a gift, sink a track: "strategist rest assured, at the end of this will point troops to battle!""Temujin, don't be surprised. When we got here, the tribe was over." See lyu3 bu4 again, step root apologize for the first time.

A county soldier can not bear the repressed breath, a lost hand weapons, want to escape."Roar ~" a title of generals in ancient times self-knowledge will die, immediately roar 1, also ignore those stabbed knife and gun sword ji, his face flashed a ferocious ferocious color, in the hands of the sword to sweep around with all his might.Thought of guan yu, coss suddenly found that the two people are really a little similar!石破天惊电视剧|"Master, I may have a method, can temporarily solve the danger of hay!" Freeze eyes flashed a ruthless look: "master to drop me three hundred strong soldiers, within three days, I will be able to assemble these hay."

石破天惊电视剧|"Reinforcements! How come reinforcements haven't come yet!" A few xiongnu head tie with the last of the troops held the camp, looking at more and more begging voltages gathered around here, sent out a voice of despair and despair."Is it really important to distinguish one family from another? Don't ask about one's origins. Four hundred years ago, some of these great families today were born." Zhaoyun puzzled look to pang tong.At that same time, Lyu3 bu4 army arrived, "that vast consortium, Plus lyu3 bu4 QinZheng brought the sense of oppression, let mayi city soldiers frightened, don't say ordinary soldiers, is as a general zhang he, at the moment also some depressed, d has been so strong, the lyu3 bu4 name moving northwest, mighty grassland, more not easy to with the generation, on the other hand, mayi city, reinforcements don't know when to, the thirty thousand troops, I don't know how long to keep.

Lyu3 bu4 under the han people is precious, Don't say lyu3 bu4, Giffin also don't want to let the han people to dig mines, Therefore, not only the Western Regions, Hetao and even the west cool also have sent troops, The grasslands are now a mess, The tribes seized territory, Like a tray of loose sand, At this time, Xianbei people are undoubtedly the best to deal with, Almost one tribe, one tribe, was taken back as a slave, Less than four or five hundred, more than five or six thousand, from the western regions to zhangye road, can be seen everywhere a large number of xianbei slaves were escorted to zhangye, in order to prevent these slaves riots, xu rong sheng from d to ma dai and ten thousand military forces, his side also sent ten thousand military forces, specially responsible for suppressing these xianbei people.Thought of guan yu, coss suddenly found that the two people are really a little similar!石破天惊电视剧|





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