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海派甜心剧照|七秒钟鼻炎喷剂"I say yes, yes." As always overbearing tone, but pang tong from Addis tone, hear some other things, nervous, or outside, after all, this era of women to men so confessed, really not much, especially Addis is usually a very... tough woman."How? The Qifu tribe has sent out the whole army this time. Even if we go up there, it will only add more than five hundred lives." Lyu3 bu4 coldly looked at the vast army of begging fu tribe with destroyed the momentum of the day to the huns tribe, fragile village wall simply can't withstand the charge of this scale, but dug a pit outside the horse, can let these begging fu tribe people eat a big loss."Yes!" Kui head suddenly some regret, if let temuzhen directly at the beginning, step degree root also need not die, but these emotions, also not suitable for now expression, immediately emphatically way: "five thousand military forces, can not be less, I will be in the king's court, waiting for the good news of temuzhen brothers."

"Monseigneur Temuzhen has used his troops like a god. I admire him." Two people looked at temuzhen, don't know what to say for a while, strictly speaking, it is the enemy, but what is this harmonious atmosphere, to the end, can only dry suppress such a sentence."The strategist, master has taken the xianbei people around the mountain last night, into the north." Handsome tent, male broad sea tower behind giffin, in front of him, d, pound, liao hua and just arrived soon embroidery, ma dai, Ma Tie line up."Not in a hurry either. Take a night off and leave tomorrow." Tap He Man on the shoulder, this time, He Yi's death, let He Man has been very depressed, lyu3 bu4 also don't want to at this time, but also squeeze He Man.海派甜心剧照|"The subordinates don't understand this, but they feel that since they entered the Central Plains, they have been humiliated everywhere." Zhou Cang grumbled discontentedly.

海派甜心剧照|"That Wei Wen-chang, who claim to be a general, was a little too careful." Chen xing said, can not help but sneer at 1, with military forces swaggering to the gate, loudly to ChengTou foot soldiers loudly way: "I am a title of generals in ancient times under general for thief corps commander Chen xing, the defenders of the city listen to, immediately open the gate, switch offer to surrender, otherwise, the day of the city break, will call you die without burial ground!"The next morning, fifty thousand slave soldiers under the urging of generals at all levels, carrying siege equipment, began to attack toward mayi, lyu3 bu4 life pound, ma dai, liao hua, ma tie led the four troops supervised, fifty thousand slave soldiers under the pressure of the superintendent, launched a death charge toward the wall."Big business?" Daxi was startled and immediately reacted. His eyes brightened and he looked at Han Sui. "But the news came from the King's Court?" He said.

"Death?" Lyu3 bu4 finally stood up, The whole satrap mansion, Everybody felt their chests smothered, A group of county soldiers watched lyu3 bu4 striding toward patronage, One step, two steps, Three steps, each step, As if all step on everyone's chest, let a person unbearable, the body more like don't listen to the general, just a person forward, but this moment, but give a face to the feeling of thousands of troops, as if they are not facing a person, but swept up the thousands of troops, many people instinctively with lyu3 bu4 steps out of step.Yinshan, Wang Ting, five tribal alliance, from Kirby can leave three people is the third day in the evening, according to Kirby can leave before the plan, Wang Ting can play, if not play, also don't have to consume troops, after he defeated Temuzhen Jones, Wang Ting natural morale turbulence, then, is the best time to break the King Ting."Count the losses!" Lyu3 bu4 twist a head, sentence tu way.海派甜心剧照|




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