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黄得让人湿的片段|比比家Said finally, the sable cicada faintly more a dignified, follow lyu3 bu4 for many years, although as a woman, not too strong, but more or less, contaminated with the smell of lyu3 bu4, at the moment a sink in the eye, unexpectedly also have a few points of anger and power, very different from usual."At the end of the day!" D should life, stride away."General fly how to ensure that you win the huns, will fulfill your promise?" For a long time, the moon king looked up to lyu3 bu4, silent tent, the moon king can feel their heartbeats have become abnormal.

"I can't believe seibel should be so good at keeping!" Korea then looked at the demoralized people, shook his head and said with relief: "general don't have to worry, the battle has just begun, seibel force is not enough, less than ten days, fu ping will have no soldiers to adjust, then break the city, as easy as the palm of your hand."A large number of herdsmen hurriedly took off the bow and arrow, quickly assembled, melodious trumpet sound spread far in the vast grasslands, hundreds of herdsmen looked nervously at the distant horizon, slowly raised a red flag, the flying flag in the wind agitated, gradually become apparent.Tonight this fact is strange, first sent troops while the fire when the laowang loosen up, while the rain night raid, the other party also calculate their own at this time, never dare to no matter burn when the laowang's life or death, make d hide in the dark, wait for his rescue burn when the laowang, break through his camp.黄得让人湿的片段|"Why don't we pay no attention to the thief soldiers coming again?" The lieutenant cautiously suggested.

黄得让人湿的片段|Families are available and must be used, but it is too early to let them in.D smell speech, breathed a sigh of relief, now, so big horse home, also only three of their brothers, Ma Tie how to say is his own brother, naturally don't want Ma Tie something, just listen to Hua Tuo's instructions, can't help but wry smile: "January?""Little general, time is coming!" Pound waved to make it, signaling the siege soldiers to retreat, while pulling d loudly way: "If we are all killed here, who will be the main communique revenge!"

"Oh?" Cao Cao didn't go to see the bamboo slips. He has a headache now. He shook his head helplessly and said, "If you want to talk about it, please."Chapter thirty xiongnu south"I have consulted with the general west of the matter." Yang Wang-shen said, "After the establishment of Heishui City, I will assume the post of county magistrate. In addition, the posts of county commandant, county cheng, and tax official will be filled by the chiefs of the various nationalities. My family will no longer fight for them. In addition, there are also 12 townships under Heishan County, each with three elders and a stingy husband, all elected by various nationalities. What do you think?"黄得让人湿的片段|




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