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古今的船都故事网东莞坚朗"Since it is a great talent, as it happens, the general is now in need of a door book left, you will be in charge of it." Lyu3 bu4 nodded, saw pang tong one eye, smile way."I... "Zhang fei's scold, suddenly felt a sense of crisis, followed by two long shot up general bolt, zhang fei looked at the big surprised, also can not consider again scold, when eight snake spear forward to find out, only to hear ding-ding two, two giant arrow struck to fly, he is so, but the arms were a burst of pins and needles, dare not to continue to say, hurriedly on horseback to return to the array."Come on." Zhaoyun nodded, with lv lingqi, because of the beginning of the illness, two people did not ride horses, on the street leisurely walking, enjoy jingzhou local conditions.

"Shiyuan, long time no see." Lv bu looks at pang tong, smile way: "your mouth still as usual smelly."'come again! With an unbelieving look at his opponent, pound charged forward again, but this time his sword was much more stable than before, and he no longer fought with courage."Who should be in charge of the department of justice?" Lu bu put the letter on the table and frowned, saying, "although fa zheng is good and proficient in law, it is a pity that fa zheng is more strategic and not dedicated to the study of law, and such an important department, lu bu did not want to make it become a department handed down from generation to generation.古今的船都故事网"Husband? The sable cicada doubt of looking at suddenly trance of lv bu.

古今的船都故事网Commit suicide?"Thunk ~"This is known as the reputation of the burden, when lyu3 bu4 down and out, the infamous, nobody will care about lyu3 bu4, win or lose, no one will care about, but when lyu3 bu4, now not only a sublime huaxia, especially when one party governors, nature also will focus on the eyes of the world, this time, in fact lyu3 bu4 can't afford to lose, even a small loss, all is likely to shake a military momentum, lyu3 bu4 reputation on spot.

Before there was sima lang for his advice, planning for the future, liu bei in jingzhou this period of time, although failed to grasp the real power, but the invisible force is constantly expanding, but now sima lang's death, liu bei immediately fell into confusion, and tomorrow what to do? At that moment, liu bei was eager to return to jizhou. However, sima lang's last words about lumen-liu bei were also familiar to him. It was a holy place for jingxiang shi-tzu.'go, Sir! Falling in to big JiShi escorted the grant in the village traveling all the way, falling is a counsellor, grant, ingenious is his forte, but when it comes to the combat operations, pick up the slack, won the armed forces, but not his director, said lu bu here, even if lyu3 bu4 under any one of the famous general here, in this case, the falling in war it is impossible to give BoZhuan grant to come over, so that he can now only flee.Do not want to retreat also not line, this time again dozen go down, not only have no harvest, and below the circumstance that lacks siege equipment, basically rush to the city go down to die.古今的船都故事网




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