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古巨基亲历枪击案|广告扇港印In yecheng, zhang liao gathered generals ma tie and pei ang."Boyan." Lyu3 bu4 meet, also not embarrassed, this age, this kind of matter although calculate not honor for the man, but also nobody can moral censure him because of this what, wave a hand way: "here is not zhao DE dian, need not much ceremony, live of can return habit?"Soon xunyu, xunyou and zhong you came to sikongfu. When they saw xiafhouyuan, their hearts sank. They guessed what had happened.

"Son of a bitch! < / p > < p > Yang ren heard heart fire, angry hum a way: "that still don't send people to mediate?""Consiglio, that CAI MAO although despised, but its ability is not bad." Liu bei was also worried to look at zhuge liang, when luoyang, the two sides had a period of cooperation, CAI MAO in tongbing above but a set.Baekje thing, but also from the zhaoyun attack on gongsundu began.古巨基亲历枪击案|Xun yu looked at liu xie, shook his head and sighed.

古巨基亲历枪击案|Lv bu came forward, and zheng xiaotong together, zheng xuan will help up from the bed.Time passes in a twinkling of an eye to June, his city, for the whole city was completely blocked, yecheng is zhang liao, and most of the troops and ares crossbow transfer to the town of things xh didn't notice, the time has come to a month, xh fretted about in the tent, he doesn't know what on earth are liu do, only hope to be able to make restraint opponents, these days, the cast camps like a hard shell, tried many ways have failed to work, even want to dig tunnels, the place of more than ten zhangs, accidentally dug too much, is difficult to grasp.'a temple? Lyu3 bu3 picked pick eyebrow: "past see."

"Shi yuan should not praise me. If it were not for the fact that the garrison in hanzhong was too weak and unguarded, our army would not have occupied yangpingguan so smoothly." Wei yan smiled.Flying pigeon transmission book in order to prevent being intercepted, has been in secret code transmission, but to lv bu hand, nature has been translated out of the real information.But CAI unwilling, he to the last stroke with liu bei, he does not believe that outside the thirty thousand troops can really break xiangyang, of course, this is the ghost in the inside have no cases, pretending, kuai, must be destroyed, their influence in the army and the whole xiangyang is too big, only to give these people to put out, CAI to let go of the hands and feet, explore with liu bei, he unwilling so quietly died.古巨基亲历枪击案|




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