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薄荷关系gl|贵州益佰复方斑蝥胶囊But the appearance of the emperor, also let CAI MAO have a sense of crisis, this is not liu biao to weaken his hand power signal? Deliberately find such a don't know from which corner to jump out of the emperor uncle to divide his military power."Yi?""The sovereign's eagle! Ma tie and jiang orz excitedly shouted, opposite MAO jie can clearly feel, in this moment, the morale of the lv bu army suddenly lifted a section.

Others while disorderly escape, but these have not important, red hare walked out of the army of lyu3 bu4 twist a head, and looked at the soldiers, sink a track: "kill me, I have a reason to hate your, but from this moment on, such as, is I lyu3 bu4, even hate, is also my brothers in arms, the dead already, one won't pursue now pick up your weapon, put on standby, no escape, the available feats of kill!"Reinforcements!"Let xu rong transfer one hundred thousand slaves into the state of unification to help restore people's livelihood." Want to think, lv bu looks toward Chen gong way: "if really occupy, when the time comes, let these slave soldier go into battle."薄荷关系gl|Lyu3 bu4 doubled over cao cao cao cao left handed to the pamphlet, he did not take away, Hu Han will produce the contradiction and conflict in the middle of the fusion process, this lyu3 bu4 and giffin and Chen palace at the top is early have anticipate and had prepared, not for a while also disorderly, but this time is the whole lyu3 bu4 force manpower and material resources are almost all spent in jizhou, bets in this natural energy is relatively less many, many problems that cannot be properly solved, before preparation plan failed to put to good use.

薄荷关系gl|"Glug ~""What happened to yuan shang and yuan tan?" Jia xu asked for lost jiang.While he was worrying himself, another man stood out at the bottom of his hand and said, "general, your subordinates may help you find the secret way."

Accompanied by the cheers, lu bu, jia xu, li ru and fazheng and other officials smiled a little, so that jizhou family and the people will be difficult to stick together to squeeze lu bu, based on jizhou's first step, it is done.Chapter 85 for fear no one should scold me< / p > < p > ma chao was sent back, these cavalry fighting overnight, even if the vast sea at the moment with their intention to kill for a while, but there zhang fei sit, and the terrain really spread out, cavalry is not necessarily better than the infantry how many, think about, the vast sea or give up the intention to continue the pursuit, with the cavalry back to luoyang direction.薄荷关系gl|




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