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002852百纳影视"Some soldiers!"Lang Dang Dang ~

At the moment of the evacuation order, Huhue Spring regretted it, Seeing the army in a mess, Under the attack of the han army, gradually became a rout, heart know if let the situation continue to develop, the battle is so boring defeat, regret in the heart, but things have come to this point, can only try to redeem, while life general bypass the rear of the big array, organization of the defeated army from the beginning, while with pro-health in the array, constantly drink to stop the chaos of the huns.Wei yan a face of black line.Chapter 27 appease?002852West cool, ji county.

002852Suddenly, drinking water cattle and sheep looked up and began to irritably sound, the earth, accompanied by a thunderous sound of hoofs, the whole prairie as if in this moment fell into turmoil.D a took bamboo paper, hand to lyu3 bu4."Sometimes it doesn 't work when there' s a lot of people." Korea hence sighed, If you add the huns, He has now nearly three hundred thousand military forces, sounds like a huge, but Korea hence is very clear, the three hundred thousand troops, but not just his Korea hence a person's voice, the huns five, and even burn when the king, are not necessarily with him, Korea hence play let these people when cannon fodder, how about other people no longer calculate.

"Brother Yang rest assured, the kindness, master will not forget." Giffin smiled."I just won 't go now, doesn't mean he won't go, First put our belongings in hand again, Korea hence want to take us when the gun is not so easy, if he can't wait, can attack himself first, anyway, as long as we help him win lyu3 bu4, the west cool half of the place is ours, even if Korea hence want to change his mind, I'm afraid also don't have the skill! " Liu Baoleng hum 1: "You look at the other four, which will be anxious to meet with Korea hence? First let Korea hence to spell, his hay, but not enough for him to continue to drag down."002852




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