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法式西点培训|空白广告衫After sending away the doctor, Guan Yu called Xing Daorong to his side and said, "Now I'm seriously wounded and can't fight any more. When I recover some strength tomorrow, I will invade the city and take Qu Acheng and Tardif. Now I'm wounded and can't use force. Tell the soldiers that if Tardif comes to fight again, don't mind him, just siege the city.""Here!" Pan Zhang He Qi commanded, began to collect the weapons of surrender."Wen-ho, what do you think?" Boring, lyu3 bu4 twist a head to look aside in the old god giffin, had to admire the guy's steady force, this quarreled for three days, giffin from beginning to end is such a look.

Speaking of which, guan yu and tardif is old acquaintance, when tube hai soldiers surrounded the north sea, it is tardif alone for help, liu bei also wanted to recruit this person at that time, but liu bei was poor, neither fame nor status, was declined by tardif, liu bei often deeply regretted, unexpected things difficult to predict, meet again, but to the battlefield."Kill ~"法式西点培训|"Yes!" Zhang Fei smell speech, eyes a bright.

法式西点培训|Watching the weapons of wu guan stubble after stubble of change, every day can only shoot targets, occasionally there is an enemy, or a counseling package, a random arrow down on the rest of the dish.Bang Dang ~As for the mountain, obviously not realistic, hay trench is a difficult problem to solve.

"Die!""Fuck you!" Compared to wei, zhang fei at the moment more depressed, with the treasure armor in the body, how to play this fight? Especially see wei yan a man-eating appearance, zhang feibi ate flies are uncomfortable, if there is no that treasure armor, you have hung up, how also a grievance, the grievance is me?"General Xing Daorong has been slaughtered by tardif in the harbor!" Drink stop jingzhou soldiers to see guan yu, as if to see the backbone.法式西点培训|




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