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汇雅佳|田园风情生态鱼缸When it was completely dark, pang tong led a large army into the pass, and yangping pass was completely occupied. It also represented that the gate of hanzhong was completely opened. Outside yangping pass, there was the hanzhong plain."Kacha ~"I'm a real queen!

"Be." The attendant agreed and turned and ran into the workshop."No." Lv zheng watched lv bu carefully: "father, what did you do? Let them hate you so much? Breaking the rules."汇雅佳|"She said she was the general's mistress... "Said the maid, blushing.

汇雅佳|"Pick up chopsticks." After confirming the safety of the food, lu ignored lv zheng's frightened expression.'but I want to kill people now, too! Cao cao threw his sword on the ground and roared angrily."Why don't the Lord make a promise to jiangdong to contain cao cao and let him join the bureau? Even if liu bei finally got jingzhou, the hatred between him and jiangdong might not be able to be opened up, and it would be more conducive to the division of vassal states in the future." Jia xu smiled.

Several soldiers picked up the rolling wood and threw it at the foot of the city wall, without knowing where the enemy was. However, it was only for a moment that each of the soldiers was pierced by at least a dozen arrows."Don't worry, brother wencheng did a lot, CAI MAO's people did not follow up, but brother wencheng before around the city, it is easy to arouse suspicion." Kuai more twist a head to see zhang yun one eye, smile way.Too late of retreating soldiers will quickly crossbow box JianCu shoot the light, and then draw fierce broadsword, with flood in jun fights in one place, and the blood in the works, the fierce fight, more and more jun flood in, lyu3 bu4 though well-equipped army, soldiers HanYong, but ultimately outnumbered, has lost the oppressive weapon.汇雅佳|




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