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达沃斯经济论坛二手钢材"This is a bit ridiculous, old man, even for money, should not make up such things." Mengda groped his chin, feeling a little resentful that he could not sweep his tail"The adviser rest assured, su will not be entrusted!" Ma Susu after a ceremony, leave away."Mr. Pang has misunderstood. This is a remark made by a member of our own family. We have nothing to do with it After a moment's silence, one of the generals suddenly stood up, smiled, and came to pang tong's side

"I can't decide that." Meng da smiled slightly, shook his head and said, liu zhang how to say is also a way of princes, how to deal with lu bu how to decide, mo said he, even if it is all the way manager pang tong and wei yan, are not qualified to decide the life and death of liu zhang."If someone reported my whereabouts to jiang dong, they would know." Chen stopped smiling and looked at ford."Huh?" Lv meng finally from the huge blow to sober up, now absolutely can't mess up!达沃斯经济论坛Soon, pang tong, under the leadership of a military marquis, entered the big account. At this moment, almost all the generals from langzhong university had arrived. Hundreds of people focused on pang tong and then moved away.

达沃斯经济论坛"Dang dang dang ~"This time, perhaps because of the balance of the ship is less, Chen will only get up is quite smooth, a dozen small boats surrounded together, under the enemy's arrows rain, toward the jiangdong water blocked their retreat in the past.Pang tong could not help smiling bitterly when he heard this and looked at ma qiu, jiang wei, zhang hu, gao LAN and guan yong behind lv zheng. Ma qiu and jiang wei raised their heads and said, "I am here to help childe."

"An hussar?" Meng da looked at fazheng with astonishment. It was one of the most elite troops under lv bu's command, not only trained by lv bu himself, but also lv bu's personal guards. Each of them was a strong soldier selected from the best in the army.As for the middle of shu, it was not easy for lu bu to enter shu, but it was even more difficult for the troops in the middle of shu to get out.达沃斯经济论坛




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